AHC Services

I offer a bespoke service with customised solutions for your specific business needs. 

Receive a comprehensive report from an experienced anthropologist utilising qualitative research methods, enhanced with unique insights and innovative recommendations to ensure disability inclusion in your business or organisation. 

Contribute to a holistically accessible & inclusive world and remove invisible barriers.

Strategy Review

Your organisation or business benefits from a comprehensive Disability & Inclusion strategy review to increase consumer engagement and develop trust with your stakeholders. Improve your decision-making processes to embrace diversity in your business. Provide an accessible and inclusive experience and enhance your awareness through a unique and innovative perspective. 

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Public Speaking

Gain insight through the lived experience of a person with a disability. Increase understanding about the invisible barriers encountered by people with a disability. Enhance appreciation of accessibility and inclusion. Be an ally for people with disabilities by creating a safe and inclusive environment. Be a leader in your community and raise awareness to reduce ableism, discrimination and unconscious bias.

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Educate your target audience by sharing a real-life account of a person living with a disability. Promote the importance of disability and inclusion and remove the invisible barriers created by ableism. Empower people with a disability by observing the world from our perspective. 

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Governance Review

Ensure your disability-focused board or committee meets the needs of people with a disability. Perform a governance review to improve your organisation’s practices and increase accountability. Guarantee accessibility for the equitable inclusion of people with a disability. Provide services that follow the principles of good governance.

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Disability & Inclusion

Demonstrate your commitment to social responsibility.  Remove invisible barriers to increase participation and promote the value of diversity and inclusion by protecting the rights of people with a disability. Provide a fully inclusive experience and enhance involvement with your business or organisation. Ensure your action plan is developed in collaboration with an accomplished professional and backed by evidence-based  research.

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Other Services


Identify your organisation’s specific needs and remove invisible barriers to improve accessibility and inclusion. Accomplish your objectives through collaboration with me through a comprehensive service with an innovative approach and practical strategies unique to your organisation.  Benefit from my extensive experience, backed by evidence-based research. Invest in this bespoke service from an accomplished professional with a lived experience of disability.

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