My Services

I offer bespoke services and tailored solutions to suit your needs. As my client, you will receive a report based on qualitative research with unique insights and recommendations to address holistic accessibility gaps in your business or organisation. This will ensure your business or organisation contributes to a holistically accessible world.

Strategy Review

A tailored review service to determine success of strategies to address issues in the disability space. You will receive a report based on qualitative research complete with findings and recommendations to ensure success.

Public Speaking

I am available for a range of public speaking opportunities including keynotes, forums and education.


I am available to write on my lived experience of disability tailored to your needs.

Governance Review

I provide audit services based on the principles of good governance to ensure your disability-related board or committee is functioning as it should be.

Disability & Inclusion

Although disability is a diversity group, it is one that is lacking from most Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) plans. I’ll help your business or organisation make sure it’s a part of your plan in a meaning and sustainable way.

Other Services

My services are aimed at helping your business guarantee its success in whatever you are working on in the disability space. Let’s talk to see what package of services is the right fit for your needs.