Hi, I’m Ainslee Hooper. I started Ainslee Hooper Consulting because I believe everyone deserves to be included. 

Ainslee Hooper is an Anthropologist & Disability Inclusion Consultant. For the past two and a half years, she has worked on various projects focusing on disability for councils, disability service providers, public venues and sustainability services firms.

Ainslee is passionate about disability inclusion because of her lived experience of disability and the benefits for all she sees when others embrace disability inclusion. Ainslee combines her unique knowledge of disability with Anthropology to foster an understanding of the diversity of humans and their experiences, resulting in improved outcomes for all.

Ainslee has been recognised in her field, receiving the Employment Award in the Geelong Awards for People with Disability 2020. This award recognises someone who has achieved success or made a substantial contribution to empowering and developing others in the workplace or the community. Ainslee graduated from Deakin University in 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Anthropology. Ainslee is currently completing a PhD in Anthropology at Deakin University, researching the experiences of people with disabilities during the COVID19 pandemic and COVID normal. Ainslee is also a Community Representative on the Access & Inclusion Advisory Committee for the City of Greater Geelong.

In her spare time, Ainslee enjoys working out at the gym and competing in Powerlifting, with three gold medals under her belt for benchpress. Ainslee currently lives in Geelong, Australia.

Ainslee offers a range of bespoke services and tailored solutions to suit your needs. A list of services can be found here